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Item's reclamation monetary value depends on Player's Luck and Trash Can Upgrades.

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With this mod installed, your Trash Can in the inventory menu get a huge upgrade. When deleting an item, its monetary value now depends on your Luck (Daily Luck included) and Trash Can upgrades. Trash Can's original reclamation rate has also been buffed, If you are lucky you can reclaim more than 200% of their monetary value and if you are unlucky.. hehe.

Trash Can Improvements
  • Basic Trash Can - N/A
  • Copper Trash Can - 15% to 30%
  • Steel Trash Can - 30% to 45%
  • Gold Trash Can - 45% to 60
  • Iridium Trash Can - 60% to 80%

If you delete an item worth 100 gold and your Trash Can is Gold level also your Daily Luck is good enough then you may claim more than 60 gold. However, if your Luck is bad then the price may decrease. The price will always fluctuate on Daily Luck and Luck-related items. 

Calculation Formula:
luck_buff = daily_luck * 100.0 + luck_level
new_price = old_price / (0.75 - (luck_buff > 10.0 ? 10.0 : luck_buff < -10.0 ? -10.0 : luck_buff) * 0.05)

*Note* max luck_buff is set to 10 and min to -10.

Source Code:
  • You can get the source code on GitHub.