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Adds Locations to Warp multiplayer

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Warp multiplayer Locations

This Mod needs "Warp multiplayer". It won't work without it.
It adds the Locations: Farm, Mountains, Pelican Beach, Calico Desert, Ginger Island and Ridgeside Village (if installed).
Additionally a custom button to save a place you want to be teleported to.
By default it will be unlocked. If you want to play fair, then you can lock them, until you have the corresponding obelisk (or the item "Return Scepter").

If you want to lock them, then set in config.json everything to false
(Once you start the game, a config.json file is created)
  "Force_Locations": false,
  "Force_Ridgeside_Location": false,
  "Enable_Custom_Location": false,

If you want to set the custom button, then go ingame with your character to the specific place, open the warpmenu (j)
and right-click on the custom button. Write a name for the button and hit ok.
Done! Your custom button will be saved in the config.json.

Thanks to strato35 and Shalankwa for this practical and nice-looking mod!