Stardew Valley
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About this mod

Item Research 'n' Spawn is a Stardew Valley CJB Item Spawner based mod that lets give any item you want after you've researched it!

Permissions and credits
!Know issues:

  • DO NOT RESEARCH QUEST ITEMS :) (Further will create banned category)
  • Сopper pan exists in two variants: a tool and a hat. Currently menu registers only last one. To get a tool one, place copper pan hat in hat slot and take back. :')
  • Sometimes item may not appear in menu after researching. Change quality, sort or category, or close and open menu to fix it. Hapens once.
  • Changing screen size cause menu position break, but it seems to be the game issue, because chest menu are also broken the same way (even if no mods installed)
  • Opening menu during eat animation wuill break the animation, so you wont be healed and item will dissapear (as if it was eated)
  • Currently mod uses combination of farmer name and farm name to save progress, so if that combination is not unique, mod will use the same save location for both players saves

Сompatibility (at present):

  • All platforms supported, but only working with windows is guaranteed
  • Only keyboard + mouse (gamepad not tested)
  • SMAPI 3.9.5 or later

Latest release (1.0.0-alpha-r2):

  • Added support for translation (menu only)
  • Added russian translation (menu only)
  • Added new tab to show player balance
  • Added ProjectE like mode (research costs 1, sell and buy any items)
  • Added "Junk" category
  • Moved hay to "Forage" category instead of "Misc"
  • Added commands for ProjectE like mode
  • Shift click insta deletes (or sells) items if they are researched
  • Added support for Generic Mod Config Menu


  • Want many/much of <item you want here>?
  • Collect some of them, put in research area, and click the button!
  • Now you can have as many/much of <item you want here> as you want :)


This mod has two modes:

  • "Spawn" mode - Terraria Journey mode like mode. Research the items and afterward give as much as you want. Different items have different amount of quantity needed for research completion, depends on item category.
  • "Buy" mode - Minecraft ProjectE mod like mode. Works almost like "Spawn" mode, but here you need to spend money to get the item. Returning the item (selling) will increase your balance. In this mode all researches required only one item.

See commands to know how to change mode and prices for "Buy" mode
In mod config, you can specify default mode!
You can also use Generic Mod Config Menu to change config easily :)


Press [R] on your keyboard (configurable) to open the menu.

In the menu you can...
  • Change item quality by clicking the quality button.
  • Change category filters by clicking the dropdown.
  • Scroll items with your mouse scroll wheel.
  • Search by pointing at the search box and typing an item name.
  • Research any item by placing it in research area and clicking the research button

Menu saves selected quality, category and search key!

See full documentation