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Replaces the 'magic cowboy hat' with a prismatic hair bow! Requires content patcher

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This is a little mod that replaces the 'magic cowboy hat' with a prismatic hair bow. It should be compatible with most any other clothing mods, including ones that edit the hats tilesheet. Requires content patcher.

Big thank you to @HopeWasHere, who gave me permission to edit and use one of her assets for this mod! The bow is an edit I made of one of the hats in her farmer customization mod, which I have linked below. Definitely check it out, her work is excellent :--)

1. Make sure you have the content patcher installed
2. Unzip the file and drop the folder into your 'mods' folder
3. Done! Uninstall at any time by taking it back out of the mods folder

If you like this mod, check out my Cuter Prismatic Shirts mod here!

1. Coi's Girl Sets Pack:
2. Starblue:

ASSETS USED IN THESE SCREENCAPS (these are either updates or edits of other people's assets that I've created for my own personal use. I cannot & will not distribute them without permission from the authors of said assets. These links go to the original mods, some of which may not work on their own as they are not all updated for 1.5)

skirt - from Shirts and 2 New Skirts, which requires the outdated Get Dressed mod: 

farmer base sprite - a combination edit I made using assets from Get Glam and Ran's Fancy Farmer