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Hello all, I finally released this long awaited mod. Please be sure to read the instructions on how to install, because it's a SMAPI Mod.

How to install:
- first, install the latest version of SMAPI if you haven't already (installing is super easy to do, just run install.exe). LINK to SMAPI.
(this is a video to help you install SMAPI)
- just note you're gonna have to play the game via the StardewModdingAPI it creates.
- then, get the latest version of Seasonal Immersion Mod by Entoarox (you need to have an account in order to download). LINK to Seasonal Immersion.
- Seasonal Immersion is a SMAPI Mod: unzip the folder SeasonalImmersion, install it by placing this folder into the Mods folder you just created by installing SMAPI. Find the path for the Mods folder inside your game folder.
- now, download the ContentPack** I have provided here on Nexus. (EDIT: When you download it, it comes out as a zipped ContentPack-891-2, you do need to open this to reveal the actual ContentPack!), DO NOT UNZIP CONTENTPACK PLEASE. Place the whole zipped ContentPack folder into the folder of SeasonalImmersion you just placed into the Mods folder.
- ????
- profit
- In all seriousness, you're done here. Play the game*.

*But eemie, how do I play the game with these? Well. Let me tell you. Playing with the buildings is easy, they are just there and change with the seasons. Playing with the craftable seasonal flowers however! Is a different story:
- you NEED the SMAPI Mod ''CJB Item Spawner''. Get the latest version here.
- Then, by installing it like you do (place folder into the Mods folder), run the game and use this Mod by pressing i.
- When you have pressed i, a window will appear. Into the search bar, either type 'plants' to reveal the flowers from the Craftables.png or type 'table' to reveal the Hydrangea bush (this bush comes in two pieces, called something like Table piece R and Table piece L or something I dunno, refer to the images I uploaded here on Nexus to see what I'm talking about). Press E to escape the window. There is no other way to obtain these flowers, as I have used a section of the craftables.png that is not being used by the game and they can't be made 'craftable'.
- These flowers behave like a craftable, therefore you can't walk through them and you remove them by hacking away at it with a pickaxe or w/e.
- A very neat but weird feature is how you can change the flowers while they are already placed down. Simply click on them with the RIGHT mouse button, and it will skip to the next sprite in the sheet. If this feature bothers you, lol sorry I can't fix that?
- You can't sell the flowers, just put them in the bin to throw 'em out.
**The Contentpack is provived with four folders: spring, summer, fall and winter. Inside these folders are the png's (so NOT xnb's) of the craftables*** and the buildings. If you wish to not use the craftables or the buildings, please unzip the ContentPack, remove the png's you wish to not use, and very importantly ZIP the folder back up! If you're not zipping the folder, it won't work. Make sure your ContentPack is like this: -> fall, spring, summer, winter, manifest.json. And NOT like this: -> ContentPack -> fall, spring, summer, winter, manifest.json.

***The Craftables I provided here are compatible with my Darker wood and gold craftables and my english lamp posts (only the clean version, sorry). If you don't wish to either use one of these, I have provided the vanilla craftables as well so you can edit the png's to your own liking. 
Very important! Make sure the names of the craftables.png's you're gonna use are Craftables_indoor and Craftables_outdoor (caps are important here).

Lastly, if the mod is not working for you, I'm really not the right person to go to. It's likely a SMAPI problem or you didn't install it correctly and I can't help you with either of that. Just make sure you always have the latest version of everything and the ContentPack folder is ZIPPED and placed correctly. Editing the png's is your own responsibility. I'm not going to do it for you.


(Also there is an optional file for those that just want to use xnb's instead of SMAPI Mods).