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I"m working on a mod for an NPC (Kent's twin! Don't steal my idea!) and realized it was a struggle to find space for him inside the saloon to hang out and party with his friends, so I added a room! :)

Permissions and credits
This mod adds a room with a few tables to the Saloon.  It works through Content Patcher, so just copy the [CP] Bigger Saloon folder into your mods folder and get started!  This is my first ever mod, so feedback is welcomed.  So far, the mod has seemed to work just fine with both new and existing saves.  It also added space to the top and right hand sides of the map, so existing coordinates for NPCs aren't affected (to my knowledge).  So far, there are no known compatibility issues.  Feel free to add your NPCs to this new area, but please reserve the table under the pickaxe for Jack, when I get his mod finished.

Future update planned to add a bottom floor to the saloon.  The map is ready, it's the little details I need to work on.  It won't be long before Gus will be a busy busy guy.

Thanks to Angie for helping me learn modding, as well as Obamoose for working out some glitches for me and helping me remember NPC schedules.  Thanks to GeolsCool, MattyPizzaTable, and ceruleandeep for testing the mod for me.
Shout out to MattyPizzaTable for using my mod during his streaming of SDV.