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Replaces Haley with a girl chracter from another popular game (Let's pretend we don't know what i just did and play XD (the mod got a nice quality tho took me long with pixel art you'll like it (not telling you to install just saying that it isn't a joke it's a normal mod)))

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Ok so i changed haley's overworld view completely and her portraits too (both includes the beach version), but i haven't changed any dialogs or gift tastes. It's completely visual. I took care finding every detail on the vanilla art and also paid attention to any speciffic event where she appears. I choosed Haley because it wouldn't be so hard to edit considering she have a very similar apparence to the fnf girlfr... oh, nothing nevermind sorry. (continuing, i
would only make a few changes and just retexture most of the sprites.) Well enjoy btw.