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Beetles can now be raised in Stardew Valley!

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This is a fun and simple mod that, utilizing Json Assets, adds 13 new "crops" that allow you to raise beetles from their larvae! I am an avid beetle lover and have reared many different species IRL, so I needed something to scratch that itch in Stardew Valley. I have been using a personal version of this mod for some time now, but now I am here to share this with the world!

  • 2 fictional species
  • 11 Real-Life species
  • Organized by scientific binomial name
  • African Flower beetle comes in several different colors at random, see screenshots
  • Larvae or "seeds" sold by Pierre
  • Larva grows inside decaying log if it is a rhino or stag beetle, a box filled with decayed leaves if a flower beetle
  • Logs/boxes must be watered daily!
  • Most of them can be grown all year-round (minus winter!), but a few are summer-fall exclusive. I highly recommend indoor rearing, however,  unless you're really good at planning your crops in advance!
  • 1 to 2 seasons to mature, they mature slowly similar to real life!
  • If you're feeling witchy, make them into juice or pickles
  • Aesthetic IRL Detail: all non-flower beetle growth cycle sprites also feature mushroom growth. In nature, fungi break down the lignin in wood to make it edible for these beetle larvae
  • Aesthetic IRL Detail: flower beetle growth cycle sprites depict a box filled with decaying leaves. In nature, non-predatory flower beetle larvae feed on the decayed leaves, while predatory flower beetle larvae such as G.Goliathus feed on the small insects & grubs lured by the ideal moist conditions
  • Excellent gifts for some of the more eccentric villagers

To-Do List:
  • More beetle varieties
  • Breeding system utilizing PFM
  • Wild larvae as forage items using FTM


The concept itself was inspired by the creativity of Silkworm Mulberry by birdb

Special thanks to Seiyn for allowing me to use their hercules beetle sprite (from their mod Insect Valley) as a basis for some of the beetles. Check out their mod! I have designed this mod to not conflict with anything that Seiyn's mod contains.

Please comment with any suggestions or concerns you may have!
If you'd like to translate the mod into other languages, feel free to edit the files and send them to me and I will upload them!
If you would like information on any mods that you see me using in the screenshots, feel free to ask!