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Dialogue packs for all your favorite ships and rarepairs.

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One of the things that always bummed me out about multiple spouses was the fact they couldn't interact with each other... and then came along ceruleandeep and their Multiple Spouses Dialogs mod.  Being a writer (and just a teeny bit of a shipper) at heart, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to expand on their good idea once they added contact pack support.

The contents:

While there is a bit of light flirting in these packs (Abigail's joystick joke makes a return) there is nothing overtly sexual or NSFW.  Rather, these packs tap into what it would be like for two NPCs to live together, their everyday lives and what they have in common (and what they don't).  Each pack has at least 30 responses, some of which are triggered by weather, season, or day.  I hope you enjoy :)

Current pairings included:


NEW! For 1.1:
Claire (SVE)/Harvey
Corine (RSV)/Abigail
Claire (SVE)/Ysabelle (RSV)
Sophia (SVE)/Philip (RSV)

Future contents:

Further additions to current packs
More vanilla pairings (e.g., Shane/??)
SVE/vanilla crossovers (e.g., Victor/Elliott)
SVE pairings (e.g., Olivia/Claire)
Ridgeside/vanilla crossovers (e.g., Harvey/Maddie)
Other NPC pairings (e.g, Juliet/Abigail)

Contact, credits, etc.

If you find a bug or want to suggest a pairing, I am here or on Discord in the SDV channel.

Credit to aedenthorn for fulfilling our polyamory dreams and ceruleandeep for making those dreams even better.
Pics were taken by ceruleandeep and are from the Abigail/Sebastian pack I wrote for the base mod - not currently included here (yet, as I haven't expanded on it further) but it should give you an idea of my writing (and sense of humor).