Stardew Valley

About this mod

Tired of giving gifts to everyone and getting almost nothing back?

Invest hours to earn recipes and stones from your friends?

Download More Gifts From Friends Compilation and receive gifts that will really help you!

All the game's friendly NPCs will present you with useful items now!

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish
  • Mandarin
There are 10 gifts from each NPC, one gift for each level of friendship.   

Some gifts may repeat in the same NPC or others, but they will always be useful things for you!   

You're out there imagining that your grandfather forgot about you, right?   

The old man left letters for you too! 
I wonder what he left.   

Marlon from the guild of adventurers will also gift you for each level of combat you achieve.

Take a look at the images to see which characters are already included in the mod

Be rewarded for the time and gifts you have given to cultivate your friendships. 

Get back gifts of your friends that will be useful to you. 

No more gifting and don't get good things back!

Receive a gift by mail at every level of friendship with them

Finally a good reason to make new friends 

Gifts range from seeds to machines, it will depend on your new friend and how much you are friends 

Each has a unique selection of gifts that will give you!

-> Installation <-

1- Download the desired mod directly from the Nexus Mods This is the only site where I put my Mods
2- Move the zip file to your Stardew Valley's Mods folder
3- Extract the files in the Mods folder 
4- Run the game with the SMAPI launcher 
5- Be happy  

-> Uninstall <-

1- Delete the folder containing the Mod files that is located in your Stardew Valley's Mods folder 
2- Go back on the  Nexus Mods and leave a comment saying why you uninstalled the mod (Optional)
3- Too bad you don't want me anymore, but I'll get over it 
4- Go ahead and have fun in Stardew Valley without me  

-> Update <-

1- Delete the folder containing the Mod files that is located in your Stardew Valley's Mods folder 
2- Proceed with the installation of the update normally, follow from step 2 of the installation 

*Update note

Do not replace or overwrite the files in the folder, this may cause errors
Delete first, and only then extract the new files from the update in the mods folder

Feel free to comment and suggest improvements.

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