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Dope Crops mod adds 11 new crops and 10 new recipes relating to creational drugs.

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Ever wanted to play Stardew Valley with weed in it? Well, now you can with this simple Dope Crops mod that adds 11 new crops currently being sold at Pierre’s store for you to plant, grow and use in the 10 new recipes to create items that can be used for their buffs, sold for profit, or gifted. Weed is totally legal in Stardew Valley so you, as a farmer, can now reap the benefits of growing your own.

What will be added:
-11 new crop seeds to be sown and grown. Can be bought from Pierre's General Store. The new crops have seasonal requirements like normal crops.
-10 new recipes that can be crafted from the grown products of the new crops. These recipes can be crafted immediately from the player's crafting tab.

-Content Patcher
-Json Assets

How to install:
-Download the Dope Crops mod file.
-Extract the Dope Crops file.
-Move the Dope Crops file into the Mods file. Done!

Note: A custom NPC will be added to this mod in the future. This NPC will act as a vendor for the player to purchase the new crops.