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This mod shows you the animals you haven't pet this day.

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How to use it
You can toggle the mod on/off by pressing a key (default P) and move it by holding down a key (default L) and moving your cursor to a desired place.

When the mod is on and you're on your farm, it shows you list of the animals you haven't pet yet on the screen. Animals that are in different location than you have their names greyed out.

After you pet an animal it will disappear from the list. When you'll pet all your animals it will show you a notification.

The mod has a config.json file that you can freely modify to your needs, like keybinds or position. Mod will also remember your settings even when you modify them via game.
  "ToggleButton": "P",
  "MoveButton": "L",
  "Position": "10, 10",
  "IsActive": true

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Source code
You can check the GitHub project for the source code. Feel free to analyze the code, tell me what I can improve, maybe even fork the project or just learn how I did something so you can use it in your own mod. :)