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Some recipes that are just okay. You can cook them with whatever's in your fridge.

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Detailed recipes are nice and all, but every student and bachelor/ette knows sometimes you just grab something out of the fridge, put in a pan, and call it dinner. These recipes are also okay choices when using the cookout kit.

The recipes:

Basic Smoothie
Uses 4 fruits. Which 4 fruits? I dunno, probably whichever ones you were saving for a special occasion.

Fancy Pancakes
One dish of pancakes plus one fruit.

Fried Leftovers
Oil and literally anything you've previously cooked and stuck in your fridge or backpack.

Put An Egg On It
An egg and literally anything you've previously cooked and stuck in your fridge or backpack.
Note: This recipe inspired by my niece's play kitchen, which cheerfully suggests you "put an egg on it!" no matter what you are play cooking. But honestly? It's a good idea for a lot of foods.

Quick Veggie Stew
Uses 4 veggies. Which ones? Definitely not the hot peppers; the game considers those fruits.

OMG, why is the display weird????
Because CA never dreamed anyone would make a recipe that just uses whatever vegetables are on hand so the game doesn't have a special category display for them. The recipes still work just fine and the resulting food works just like "real" food.

Where do I learn the recipes?
As these recipes are inherently obvious and should be learned by any teenager, you already know them upon arrival in Pelican Town.

What about gift tastes?
As of version 1.0.0 no gift tastes are assigned for any of these okay recipes. You can safely assume they won't be anyone's favorite, but because cooking is a universal like most NPCs will appreciate receiving your modest efforts.

How did you make this?
That's a great question! A tutorial is available on the new Stardew Modding tutorial wiki and it's a lot easier than you think! The answer other answer is "By using Json Assets while actually trying to come up with a clever idea for Joja seeds based on the practices of Monsanto Company." (A mod coming soon to a Nexus near you!)