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Notifies the player when they gain or lose a heart with any social villager at the start of each day, and optionally notifying them if they're about to lose a heart with any villager

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I've noticed how annoying it can be when I'm trying to max out everyone's hearts, and I have to keep checking their levels to see if I've gotten another heart with them. This mod solves that issue by giving the player a notification in the chat box each morning if they've gained or lost a heart level with a villager.


How to Install:
Either download directly into Vortex, or download the .zip file and drop it into the Vortex mods list. No setup is required


How to Use:
Simply gain or lose a heart with any sociable villager, and the following morning, you'll wake up to a message telling you about the change in heart level with that villager.

This mod has functionality to notify the player if they're going to lose a heart with a villager soon. This feature is off by default, but can be turned on by setting the value in config.json to true.

This mod should work fine with any version of the game. It's only been tested on 1.5.4, so if anything goes wrong with it on another version, simply contact me so I can get it sorted out.

This mod should also work in Multiplayer just fine.


  • Here's the source code
  • If you're having an issue with this mod, message me on Discord: Jude#0747 - I'll try my best to get it working again