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Makes people love you for giving them items you can get right from the start of the game!

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This mods the "universally loved" items so the villagers will love gifts you can easily get at the start of the game.

The loved items are: Green Bean, Parsnip, Blueberry.

Very useful if you want to quickly get a date for the flower dance or to befriend the wizard so you can change your appearance!

Note: If a character "hates" the item, that might override the love. I have not run into anyone like that yet. If you do, please tell me which character(s).
Remember you can always reset or simply give them a different loved item tomorrow to make up for it.

Note: Other loved items won't be changed but the old universally loved items "Prismatic shard," "rabbits foot" etc are no longer loved.

Instructions: 1. Download and unzip the file, 2. overwrite the "contents" folder in your main Stardew Valley folder with the "contents" folder you unzip from FastFriends (It should change only one file.) 3. Click "Replace."
(Advisory: Do not click copy, do not delete your contents folder. Back up all files before using any mods.)

4. Go have fun!