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Tired of the villagers not noticing when you sell out to Big Blue? This mod adds new lines for every NPC reacting to Joja's removal of the glittering boulder, fixing up your greenhouse, repairing the bus, etc.

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Selling out to Joja is fun and convenient, but no one seems to notice. :( Sure, Pierre and Lewis act a little sad the first day you buy a membership, but that's it. And then when Joja fixes up the bus and minecarts, the villagers are like "Who could have done this mysterious deed?!??" Dude, I think someone would have noticed JojaCo construction equipment barging into town.

This mod fixes that by adding more lines of dialog than I cared to count! Every friendable character has a minimum of 2 new lines (yes, even the Dwarf), and most have 5-8. Enjoy the saga of Shane and Sam working overtime, Vincent and Jas wanting to be included on the exciting nighttime activities, Pierre's growing conspiracy theory, and everyone telling you exactly what they think you should grow in your repaired greenhouse. When you build the movie theater, they'll even clue you in on their favorite movies.

Configuration Options

Includes two configuration options for events:

Delay Ceremony - "True" delays the Joja Completion Ceremony by a week to allow time for NPCs to talk about the last improvement. "False" will result in overlapping dialog and feel less immersive.
Immersive Cut Scenes - A couple cut scenes are edited to fit the storyline; Willy at the boulder and the Joja warehouse ceremony. Choose "False" to allow another mod (like SVE) to edit those scenes instead.

Mods in Screenshots
I took the screenshots while also running some of my favorite mods, Diverse Stardew Valley and Vibrant Pastoral Recolor. The portrait modifications are NOT part of this mod.

This mod adds conversation topics, overwrites a couple of original dialog lines, and edits a couple of events (configurable, see above). It should be compatible with almost anything, but may conflict with the story being told in SVE's Joja route. Please let me know if this is or isn't the case.

This mod may be included in other mods with credit but not edited. This is because I am happy to share but do not want writing that isn't mine credited to me but do want writing that is mine credited. :)

This mod is currently available ONLY on Nexus. I have no idea why anyone would upload it elsewhere, but if you do see it somewhere drop me a note.

Making Your Own Mod
If you are interested in learning how to make your own dialog mod, the content.json file includes comments so you should be able to easily understand how it works. You may also be interested in this brief dialog tutorial on the modding wiki.

I've playtested this pretty thoroughly and it should work just fine. The most likely potential issue is receiving a Joja receipt but being not able to read it from your mailbox. If you have this issue, just look in your mail collection to read the letter instead. If you do encounter any problems, however, please report them here.