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This mod adds an Escape Rope to the Dwarf's shop. The rope can be used to escape the mines, including the skull cavern.
So whenever you are stuck in a corner and monsters are chasing you, be sure to use the Escape Rope.

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This mod adds an Escape Rope to the game.

If you are stuck in the mines or the skull cavern and totems are too expensive for you, this item comes to the rescue.
Using it will help you to escape the mine and climb back to the surface level.

The rope can be purchased from the Dwarf's shop and costs 2500 g. If you sell it, you will receive 500 g (But why would you? ;) ).

Have fun and enjoy!

PS: Please report any issues you encounter.

The idea is inspired by Pokémon and was originally suggested here.

Source Code is available here.