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Marnie dug a strange plant out of the ground. She thinks it might be a frog. Do you want to add it to your coop?

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When I first started modding my Stardew, mothfur's Bulbasaurus mod was the very first one I downloaded. With their permission I have converted the bestest of bulbs into purchasable animals you can get from Marnie.

This mod, unsurprisingly, requires Better Farm Animal Variety.  For the 1.5 Stardew users, you can get the unofficial conversion here.

Update 1.1: Happy "Venusaur won the VGC" day.  In honor, I have added the new Ferngill Bulbasaurus and Venusaurus

Currently, you can get the following:

Bulbasaurus: The original green boi made by mothfur
Blue Bulbasaurus: A Bulbasaur based on the older-gen blue colors. 
Shiny Bulbasaurus: The yellow-green Bulbasaur, now occuring more frequently than 1/8192.
NEW! Ferngill Bulbasaurus: A regional variant of Bulbasaur, based on the Cactus Fruit.
NEW! Venusaurus: A big boi!  Lives in the barn, based on Gigantimax Venusaur, because giant floppy flower is the best.

They bring you the following presents:

Future plans:
Stardew regional variants?

Custom items, maybe.  Maybe.

To install: Copy both folders ([BFAV] Bulbasaurus and [BFAV] Venusaurus) into the Stardew Valley/Mods folder.
To uninstall: Sell all your existing Bulbasauruses and Venusauruses.  Cry at the newly discovered hole in your heart.  Save game, shut it off, then delete both folders from the Stardew Valley/Mods folder.

Other animals appearing in the screenshots:
8bitcanvas's Dragon Quest Slimes
stardewforest's BFAV Crows
lanterncat's Prospurrity (BFAV Cats)
Want the Venusaur doll? vamoose's RSE Secret Base furniture.

日本語のBFAV localizationもあります! 私の日本語はあまりよくありませんから、是正と思いつきをお願いします。