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Replaces a few hairstyles, and makes a couple others more vibrant.

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Streak Hairstyles for Content Patcher

Someone was curious about my custom "dye job", so I thought I'd turn it into a mod.

Replaces* some hairstyles, and makes others a bit more vibrant.

Note that you can't change the black part. The sliders will only affect the "blank" part of each hairstyle, and each blank portion of the hair is all coded to match the color set by the sliders. This is just how the game is coded, and as far as I know, there's no known fix or workaround. Sorry!

- Download and unzip to ~Strardew Valley/Mods
- Load your save and enter the command:  debug cmenu  into the SMAPI console.
This will bring up the character customization menu, allowing you to re-design your farmer**.

*Version 1.0.1: adds alternate version under "Optional Files", see stickied comment for details!
** New Fashion Sense pack available, also under "Optional Files"!

Bug and other issues:
Report it in comments, I'll do what I can to fix it.

** Some users have reported issues using this command when changing their farmer's name, farm name, and farm type. Take care to backup your save before making any such changes.