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Content patcher mod that makes the slime hutch look like a seasonal stone cottage. Includes two different possible looks per season, and an optional 'winter roofs' version for each. Also adds an option to re-colour the slime compress.

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This is a content patcher mod that makes your slime hutch appear as a stone cottage, with two different seasonal sets to choose between, and an optional 'winter roofs' version for each. It also provides an option to re-colour your slime compress to either brown or green.

To install, this mod should be unzipped directly into your Stardew Valley mods folder. After launching the game, a config file will be generated. You can then set the following configurations:

"SlimeHutch" to "1", "2", or "Vanilla"

"SlimeCompress" to "Brown", "Green", or "Vanilla"

"WinterRoof" to "True" or "False"

If you have Generic Mod Config Menu by spacechase0 installed, you could instead use that to configure this mod, without restarting the game.

The images above show, in order: Seasonal Set 1, Seasonal Set 2, and the optional winter roofs versions for both sets. The last image is a screenshot from my game, using set 1, the green slime compress, and the normal roof.

Hope you enjoy! :)

- Eorrl