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This mod is a content pack for content patcher and it edits the 'poncho' shirt of the base game to actually change when dyed.

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In the base game the "poncho' shirt, which can be tailored using a rusty spur, appears to be dyeable but when actually dyeing it nothing changes. This annoyed me so I fixed it. XD You can now dye the 'Poncho' like any other dyeable piece of clothing while the sleeves stay white. (I also made some minor changes to the base coloured version so it should go with any colour and the perspective when looking at the side of the farmer isn't as weird.)

As an example, I dyed it purple using an aubergine in the sewing machine but it should work just as well with Emily's dye station :)

This content pack should work with any others unless they edit the same piece of clothing or swap all the base game clothing entirely. If you do run into any issues let me know :)

The mod makes slight changes to the base colour of the Poncho too that I didn't intend but since this is mostly a practice project and I think it keeps the spirit I will leave it as is.

If you know of any other pieces of clothing that purport to be dyeable but don't change let me know and I might add them to this mod :)