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Give your game a soft pink glow without losing the colorful Stardew charm.

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Back in 2019, I uploaded Rose Colored Glasses, a desaturated pinkish recolor. Lots of things have changed in Stardew Valley since then, and I'm happy to announce that I'm back at it again for 1.5 and all its shenanigans! This version recolors a lot more of the map than the original did, including buildings, crops, and some parts of the tools!

You may go through this mod and wonder, huh, why did this thing get fully recolored while this other thing didn't get touched at all? And the reason for that is: because I felt like it. I'm not super consistent. Oops. 

Includes the ol' Ali's Flower Grass but otherwise it's all standard Stardew Valley sprites, dunked in pink paint. Requires Content Patcher and SMAPI, as does everything else in this world.

Ok it SHOULD be compressed so that the internal folder has an exclamation point in the beginning of the name, which will make SMAPI read the recolor first, so you can use other mods and not have conflict.