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Fixes many graphical issues all throughout Stardew Valley.

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[UPDATE] 02/06/17 - New version 1.21 added. Various pixel fixes you'll probably never notice.. I can't remember what all was exactly put into this but tell ya what, you go to your bridge in the summer time beside the Guild on the Quarry side and look at that friggin' bridge where the railing meets the ground. Yep, it fixes that. It will also "round off" the doorways to various buildings/shops and many other things. 

[UPDATE] 01/25/17 -
This file was created at the wrong time upon initial upload- thus I have uploaded a new update! This was actually uploaded the to the ChuckleFish Forums on the 23rd so it is no newer than that version (although I have been actively working on a new release with much more added). I'm running on a limited data plan for internet access on my phone so most of my updates will be posted to that thread first but please don't let that discourage you from endorsing the file here! Endorsements enable me to know what is in high demand, otherwise I won't see it as important and most likely won't update it right away. I've also started a personal blog to note my current projects so check that out as well if you'd like!

[EDIT] 01/18/17 - Advanced Location Loader & Entoarox Framework were updated so this mod will need to be updated as well before it's in working order. I will update this thread when an update is posted to resolve things. - This has been resolved.

This mod will fix up pixel errors all around Pelican town. I wanted to mention because it's hard to see, but the shovel beside the Blacksmith has a pixel error shown in winter that is just a stray black line (due to an unused or discarded extra tile by CA). Out front of Marnie's is in better condition for obstruction removal. The fountain in winter is the most obvious fix, showing an actual circle from the ice rather than basically a missing square pixel. Trees in different seasons reveal missing fence pixels in some town areas and some terrain areas have been fixed. This will also fix the dog fence if you're using my mod, Cleanup Crew. ALSO! I forgot to mention, but if you go to the sign posts at JoJaMart you have the option to change the billboard. This will change to different PSOne titles seasonally.

Requires SMAPIAdvanced Location Loader & Entoarox Framework.