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This mod basically just replaces the vanilla sprites with mostly similar shaped sprites, with different colors. In most cases the colors are dulled-down versions of vanilla, but in some cases the shape of the animal was edited, like in the case of the pig.

Permissions and credits
Note: This mod does require the Content Patcher mod and SMAPI. I also imagine (but haven't tested) that this mod can conflict with similar mods. Either go through the tedious process of making sure they don't step on each others toes (don't replace the same files) or uninstall the old one. These are just sprites, so they won't affect game saves.

Also, you can edit the mod if you want, either add in your own sprites or different ones, or just to use vanilla sprites, but please do not republish this mod or any of its contents without our permission.


This mod pack is one of a series planned for a class project. Currently we have finished the animal sprites, so we're publishing them here. Keep in mind that this was created by two people, so there may be some visible creative difference between animal sprites and whatnot. Each animal was worked on by the same person, so the different sprites for each animal's animations should retain the same style, no need to worry about that. Some changes are drastic, some are a little less noticeable. Don't worry, we redid the vanilla pig because it's an atrocity. Overall we aimed to dull down the color of the sprites; the plan would be to overhaul the entire game's graphics in a similar way, but there isn't enough time in one semester to allow for that, so we do what we can.


TheBeefyBison worked on the:
  • Baby sheep
  • Adult sheep
  • Sheered sheep
  • Baby goat
  • Adult goat
  • Baby void chicken
  • Adult void chicken
  • Baby ostrich
  • Adult ostrich
  • Duck
  • Horse
  • Baby pig
  • Adult pig (remade)
  • All 3 cat sprites

Derek worked on the:
  • Baby blue chicken
  • Adult blue chicken
  • Baby white chicken
  • Adult white chicken
  • Baby brown chicken
  • Adult brown chicken
  • Baby golden chicken
  • Adult golden chicken
  • Baby brown cow
  • Adult brown cow
  • Baby white cow
  • Adult white cow
  • All 3 dog sprites (First dog option still to be done)
  • Dinosaur sprite
  • Adult Rabbit
  • Baby Rabbit

Also credit to the Stardew Valley devs for the vanilla sprites that we used as the backbone of this project, and for the great game they've provided us all. We do NOT take credit for making the sprites unless they are shaped differently (like the adult pig that TheBeefyBison redid). Either way, this mod wouldn't have been possible without the great work that the devs did with these sprites.

How to edit out sprites

If you don't like one of the sprites for whatever reason, or you want to just use the vanilla sprite for a certain animal, you can simply edit the content.json file in the mod folder using a text editer (I just use notepad). 
  1. Go to Stardew Valley/Mods/(MOD FOLDER NAME) and find the content.json file (i.e. in this mod's case, Stardew Valley/Mods/Dull Themed Animal Sprite Overhaul and then find the content.json file)
  2. Open the file using a text editor by either right clicking on it, then selecting "open with" and finding a text editor like Notepad, or if you already have .json files set to open with a text editor like Notepad then you just have to double click on it and open it.
  3. Find some code that looks like the code below and delete the bit of code for the sprite you don't want replaced. In the code below, you can see that the Horse sprite is the one being replaced, so if you want to use a different horse mod or just the vanilla horse, then delete all of what is shown below for the horse (including the brackets). This will be similar for other animal sprites and other sprites in general.