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Removes the collecting objective from most vanilla special orders. Configurable changes to some Qi Challenges.

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Easier Special Orders

**If you're getting odd update notifications for a mod with the id 8432 it's because I input the update key incorrectly in the manifest for version 1.0.0 (sorry about that). You can download version 1.0.1 to fix this, or change the manifest version to "1.0.1" and the update key to "Nexus:8342" **

Have you ever had all the resources needed to complete a special order... Then realise you need to collect them after the order is accepted? 

This mod fixes that. The mod removes the collecting objective from all vanilla special orders, except Robin's Resource Rush (because collecting is all that order is)

The mod also allows many of Qi's challenges to have their difficulty toned down using the config that will generate after the game is run once with the mod installed, these are all disabled by default

Note: To work in multiplayer, all players need the mod installed and the config settings need to be the same

Version 1.0.2 updates to the new content api and requires SMAPI 3.14.0 or above. Use version 1.0.1 for older SMAPI versions.

The config settings:

RemoveCollectionObjective: Removes the collection objective from most special orders, default is true

ShipLessQiFruit: Lowers the amount of Qi fruit to ship to 300, default is false

DonateLessPrismaticShards: Lowers number of prismatic shards to donate to the collection box to 2, default is false

LowerJunimoKartScore: You only need to score 25,000 points in Junimo Kart, default is false

ShipLessCookedItems: Only 50,000g of cooked items need to be shipped, default is false

GiveLessGifts: Lowers number of loved gifts needed to be given to 30, default is false

MoreTimeForExtendedFamily: Extends the time limit from 3 days to 1 week for the Extended Family challenge, default is false

LessItemsForQisPrismaticGrange: Only 50 of each coloured item is needed to be donated to the collection box, default is false

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