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DC Burger Krobus for CP updated with 1.5 sprites and Movie Theater Outfit

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This is an updated version of DC Burger Krobus for CP created by somohexual, which is inspired by DCBurger's Portrait Mod created by Tryptan (aka DCBurger) and is based on New Krobus to match DC Burger's Portraits created by Kitchenarm. Finally updated to include the Movie Theater Outfit!

I heavily referenced Void Creature Krobus created by neocores for the extra sprites and their .json files so this could even be put in Content Patcher in the first place so please go support them it's such a lovely mod it even has a portrait to match it. 


- 14 Heart Event won't show correct sprite, no idea where to find that sprite sheet so if anyone has any ideas where to find it I'm all ears.