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Changes Linus' Character and Portrait sheets to look the Legend (not the fish).

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What year is it?!

When I first started playing in 2018 and met Linus for the first time, my immediate thought was, "A tribute to Robin Williams??" I never did find the answer to that, but what I did find was a fast friend that will always remind me that often, the most important things in life really are the simplest.

In short, this mod will restyle Linus' Character and Portrait files to look like none other than the one and only Robin Williams, as his character Alan Parrish (aged just a bit, for continuity) in the 1995 classic film, Jumanji.

You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it.
~ Robin Williams

I thought it was incredibly strange that, despite all the love and the numerous mods revolving around our sweet, dumpster-diving raccoon-man, not one even seemed to reference the obvious resemblance. So, after getting myself absurdly lost on r/StardewValley, I stumbled upon this post. I finally worked up the coffee and the courage, and set about making my very first public mod, ever one to rule them all... Sorry! Wrong movie!

- Download and unzip mod to ~\Stardew Valley\Mods
- Run game and enjoy!

Bugs and other issues:
Hopefully, with Content Patcher, nothing should go wrong. But if it does, leave a message in Posts, and I'll do my best to resolve any errors.