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(content patcher) Adds flowers to the mane and tail of your horse! Seventeen different flower colors to choose from (compatible with elle's new horses)

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A little mod that adds flowers to the mane and tail of your horse :--) compatible with the vanilla game horse and with Elle's New Horses and includes seventeen different flower color options. This is my first (published) mod so any feedback is welcome! If you don't already have it, I definitely recommend downloading Elle's New Horses, her retextures are super cute! <3

1. unzip the file
2. drop it into your mods folder
3. run the game once using SMAPI to generate the config.json, and configure as necessary :--) default settings are Vanilla (base/horse) and Pink (flower color)

Field 1: Base - select which horse you use (note- this mod will not load the horse itself, just the flowers). The two options are "Vanilla" (default game horse) and "Elle" (if you're using Elle's New Horses)
Field 2: FlowerColor - Reference pic is in the references folder. Options are Pink, Violet, Blue, Fuchsia, Magenta, and Red
Field 3: AutomaticSeasonal - Can be set to "True" or "False". Changes the flower color automatically with the seasons! (see readme.txt in the references folder for more info)

Huge thanks of course to pathoschild for SMAPI and content patcher, and be sure to check out Elle's New Horses (and all her other gorgeous work!)

Mods used in this screencap:
Starblue -
Elle's New Horses -
Sailor Styles -
Configurable Cute Tool Hit Marker -

 -do NOT reupload this mod on any other site or otherwise redistribute it without explicit permission from me
 -you may edit the files for personal use
 -you may edit the files for use in your own mods without permission, as long as you meet ALL three of the following requirements
1. Send me a message and let me know you have done so with a link to your mod
2. Do not use my assets in any mods that contain pornography, violence, or gore
3. Explicit credit to me for the assets you used, both in the Credits section and in the mod description (you can decide where in the description it goes but please don't bury it lol)


1.1.0 - added 'automaticseasonal' config option and added 11 new flower color options! also cleaned up some of the original pngs
1.0.0 - first release