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Adds a unique Golden Coconut tree to the game.

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Golden Coconut Tree

Adds a new quest to the special orders boards once Ginger Island has been unlocked. The Wizard wants to research the rumors of the mysterious Golden Coconut!

- Pick up the quest at the mission board. You will need to have unlocked Ginger Island.
- Collect 5 Golden Coconut and deliver them to the Wizard.
- The next morning the Wizard will send you a letter with a Golden Palm Tree Sapling. This will produce Golden Coconuts in the Summer or year round on the Ginger Island farm.

Make sure to have the latest versions of the required mods:
- Content Patcher
- and Json Assets

Drop the mod into your Stardew Valley mods folder, load up the game. Enjoy :)

1.1 Adds a config for difficulty settings:
- Easy: Collect / deliver 1 Golden Coconut.
- Medium: Collect / deliver 5 Golden Coconuts. (Default setting)
- Hard: Collect / deliver 10 Golden Coconuts.
- Hell: Collect / deliver 20 Golden Coconuts.

The quest is unique and can only be obtained once. Therefor I highly recommend using the Crop Transplant Mod if you want to move the tree after having planted it, since you can only get the 1. I also highly recommend planting the tree on your Ginger Island farm or Greenhouse for maximum profit ;)

Thanks to jina2ya aka KAYA for the Korean translation! <3
Thanks to Schneitizel for the French translation! <3
Thanks to anonymous for the Portuguese translation! <3
Thanks to tikamin557 for the Japanese translation! <3