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Redesigns all of the spouse rooms.

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06January 2020: This mod is still compatible with version 1.4.3 of the game. It even gets properly overwritten by the Content Patcher version for Look A created by RyukanoHi, which is also still compatible with 1.4.3. Both mods even properly reflect changes CP made to the tile set that changes the way Abigail's hamster cage looks.
Further, there is a Content Patcher version created and uploaded by Fyn (Thank you!!) on March 12, 2018 to the Chucklefish forums. It can be found here. It loads a very early version of Look A that is still compatible with 1.4.3. (Pretty cool, right?) It also properly displays the new hamster cage in Abigail's room.

I do not currently have the means to create a version of this mod for Content Patcher due to computer issues. Until I am able to do so, the aforementioned mods and this one are working as intended with no issues. Happy gaming!

Sometime in 2019: The awesome RyukanoHi made a version of this mod that is compatible with Content Patcher. Check out their mod: here

27 Jul 2018: Due to the number of great suggestions, I have made an alternate look to the current mod version (7). All but three of the rooms saw some editing and rather than release a separate, alternate room for each one, I just combined them all together in one file called Look B. Details in the Changelog. Pick a favorite and enjoy!

13 Jul 2018: Does anyone have a copy of the beta 1.3 vanilla spouseRooms file they could send me? I want to check compatibility. Just in case. 

07 Jul 2018: Is this mod compatible with update version 1.3? I believe so. Can I say with certainty? No. I do not have 1.3 so I can not look at the file and check for changes. I have looked at the complete list of bug fixes and changes from 1.1 to 1.3 and there is no mention of changes being made to the spouse rooms. (Which needs to happen. Has anyone else noticed the paper pad and pencil partially covering Harvey's map on the wall in the vanilla room, for example?) I can say that I have used old farm and village maps before with no issue because I have not wanted to go through the effort of updating them even though changes and updates had been made that affected said map. Thus I do believe this file will work just fine with 1.3 but make a backup of the original just in case. :)

07 Jul 2018: Ver 07 has been out on the Chucklefish forum site for a long time but I never updated the info here. I am finally updating this mod to match. This version was built with game version 1.2.33, released 11 July 2017 and is compatible with the small update released 09 Nov 2017. There is also an alternate version of Abigail's and Harvey's rooms. 

16 Jan 2017: Ver 06 out.

With the release of game version 1.1, I decided I should update my mod (finally!) and post it here to share. The mod until now was only available on the Chucklefish forums. And this place is more well known. So here is my mod! Yay! I'm open to suggestions/requests so feel free to ask. 


I never much cared for Harvey's room. So when I figured out how to edit maps, I decided to give the room a touch up. Then I went ahead and did Alex's too because it looked the most underwhelming out of all the other rooms and the wallpaper was so juvenile. Finally, I worked on Elliott's room for, out of all the rooms, it was the one I disliked the most. Since then, I have done Leah, Maru, and Sam's rooms by request. Then with the update I needed to do for game version 1.1, I decided to do all of the others also. 

It's too bad animations do not seem to work in the spouse room like they do on the farm map. The lights would turn on and off if so. And the grandfather clock in Harvey's room would actually tick.




For game version 1.1 and newer:

With the 1.1 update, SpouseRoom Mod by Watagatapitusberry no longer works. Therefore, there is only one version of the mod and it replaces all of the vanilla rooms by default. 

Simply extract the file to Stardew Valley's game folder and let the folders merge and the mod overwrite the file in the 'Maps' folder. Or extract the file and cut and paste or drag and drop it into the proper location.

The file structure should look like this: /Stardew Valley/Content/Maps

For game version 1.07 or older:



This will conflict with any mod that replaces spouseRooms.xnb in the Maps folder.


This mod was a lot of fun to make. Thank you for everyone's support.