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Lovin' fighting against super difficult fish? Now you can catch all the strongest fishes with a difficulty above 80 in the sewer. Besides, there‘s a small chance to catch weaker fishes with a difficulty between 60 to 80, for taking a break.

Permissions and credits
Requires SMAPI & Content Patcher

CAN work together: SVE
CANNOT work togrther: More New Fish, Fishing Assistant
any other fishing mod may be conflict because of modding the same data.

可以在下水道钓到的鱼类 / Fishes can be captured in sewer:
传说鱼 / Legend
绯红鱼 / Crimsonfish
安康鱼 / Angler
冰川鱼 / Glacierfish
变异鲤鱼 / Mutant Carp
河豚 / Pufferfish
金枪鱼 / Tuna
鲶鱼 / Catfish
狗鱼 / Pike
章鱼 / Octopus
鱿鱼 / Squid
大海参 / Super Cucumber
沙鱼 / Sandfish
蝎鲤鱼 / Scorpion Carp
鲟鱼 / Sturgeon
虎纹鳟鱼 / Tiger Trout
麻哈脂鲤 / Dorado
青花鱼 / Albacore
蛇齿单线鱼 / Lingcod
虚空鲑鱼 / Super Cucumber
幽灵鱼 / Spook Fish
水滴鱼 / Blobfish
黄貂鱼 / Stingray
蓝铁饼鱼 / Blue Discus
石鱼 / Stonefish
冰柱鱼 / Ice Pip
岩浆鳗鱼 / Lava Eel