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A new, romanceable character on Ginger Island! Perhaps you feel there's not enough non-humans to befriend? Or maybe you just want Ginger Island to be a little more lively? Regardless, Soli is your... uh... skeleton.

Permissions and credits
A new character to befriend on Ginger Island! Soli is a distinctly non-human skeleton who's been on this island for even longer than Leo. They're quite shy, but they're very willing to be your friend once you've shown that you're not planning on stabbing/smashing/slicing him to death. Perhaps, even more than friends...?


- A new NPC who lives on Ginger Island!
- You can date a skeleton.
- Several heart events!
- Maybe you won't want to date the skeleton.
- A new, if small, living area for Soli.
- A hopefully manageable number of bone puns. They're rather humerus, I promise.


The newest version of Content Patcher, you might need the alpha build if that isn't the correct link.
Custom NPC Fixes (Otherwise, they'll just walk off into the void.)
TMXL Map Toolkit (Needed for spouse room, optional but highly recommended!)

This is my first foray into Stardew modding, so it's plausible that I've missed something or that there could be bugs. If you spot anything, please let me know so I can fix it ASAP!