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Replaces skin tones with the colors of townsfolk, objects, and monsters. Includes two semi-transparent slime tones!

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Ever flipped through all the skin tones and thought "Man, these look kinda boring" or "Why would I need this many skin tones? Half of them look the same!"
Do you notice how there are 24 skin tones, yet you only use about 3?
Ever wanted to cosplay as a townsperson for some reason?
Do you want to be made of slime? That's right, SLIME?
If you answered yes to any of the above hypotheticals, then this mod might be for you!

This skin tone mod aims to replace all of the Farmer's skin tones with the skin tones of existing townsfolk, objects, and monsters while remaining somewhat consistent with the vanilla tones. Each of these tones has colors picked directly from the game, so you can enjoy blending in perfectly with the colors of the game!

Color Guide:
1: Haley
2: Willy's Portrait
3: Alex
4: Sebastian
5: Dark Toddler
6: Demetrius's portrait
7: Demetrius
8: Gus
9: Maru
10: Emily's Sleeves
11: Gunther
12: Governor
13: Wizard
14: Peach
15: Bear
16: Pumpkin
17: Blue Chicken
18: Green Slime (+ transparent!)
19: Ruby
20: Purple Slime (+ transparent!)
21: Golden Pumpkin
22: Clouds
23: Krobus
24: Abigail

Note: This mod should be fully compatible with any farmer overhaul mods (i.e. Furry Farmer) so long as they don't include their own skin tones.