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A farm-fresh content pack for Expanded Storage. Five new chest types: all disguised as something leafy. Seasonal.

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"Wait, it's all chests?"  "...Always has been."

Greene Storage introduces five brand-new chest types, all disguised as something leafy.

Seasonal in two different colorways*!

Greene's Crop Variety: 36 Capacity
Greene's Flower Variety: 12 Capacity, JunimoChest, Customizable Colored Flower
Greene's Giant Crop Variety: Infinite Storage, Customizable Color
Greene's Golden Crop Variety: Infinite Storage, Customizable Color
Greene's Potted Flower Variety: 12 Capacity, JunimoChest, Customizable Colored Pot

These feature a bunch of other perks that come with Expanded Storage, such as the ability to carry when full.

notes: currently have matching chests for vanilla and peachy objects. currently working on an edit for better crops.


Requires: SMAPI, Content Patcher, Json Assets, & Expanded Storage. Non-negotiable.
Recommended: Generic Mod Config Menu,
Choose between vanilla or peachy when downloading.
Put it in your mods folder and you're done!



Terracotta Garden Pots by Medinaquirin

for the peachy colorway:
peachy objects by peachitto


Feel free to edit for personal use willy-nilly.

If publishing a recolor/edit:
Send me a message! I will probably say yes. My only conditions are: credit and link me to your new mod! If you're really enthused about custom chests, please make some. Expanded Storage is a really cool framework and I highly urge you to check it out. For more examples of custom chests, take a look at 6480's Storage Variety.
Please don't try and profit off of these, that's not fair to anyone.

questions, comments, concerns?

If you have any issues, report them to the bugs section on this page.
Anything else, add them to the posts or send me a private message.
I will happily take any suggestions for this mod or requests for a new one.