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Add 22 Hybrid crops based on Vanilla crops. and special order!

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Some illegal sites are stealing my mods.
I upload my mods only NEXUS!

Add 22 Hybrid crops based on Vanilla crops.
Hybrid can occur naturally without performing special order.

Add some special order after open greenhouse.
After performing each special order, that hybrid seeds can be purchased from Demetrius' laboratory.
But Some of hybrid crops are secret (No special order, can't buy from shop)

Default probability of Hybrid occurrence is 5%.
If you want higher probability, open [HCE][CP] Vanilla Hybrid crops\assets\HybridCrops.json file and modify each "Chance":0.05 (1=100%).

Produce each base crop harvest + hybrid crop seed.
ex) Pomato made Pomato seed + Potato + Tomato

Some crops can be Giant. 
But this hybrid Giant will make just MANY SEEDS !! (This is not error.)
If you not want giant crop, Delete giant.png from [JA] Vanilla Hybrid crops\Crops\(crop folder what you not want giant)

PFM setting : Seed maker break down the hybrid seeds into base crop seeds.
If you do not want this option, delete [PFM] Vanilla Hybrid crops folder.

Install : Move KAYA's Hybrid crops folder into /mods

Mod Translation Support → [email protected]

♥Thanks to♥
German translation by Jeardius
All giant crop assets from 6480's Giant Crops.
Inspired paradigmnomad's Hybrid crop project(WIP). I submitted some crop assets.
Thanks to ItsBenter's Shell Collection, I submitted Korean translation to this mod and got Special Order inspiration here as well.
Thanks for generosity in allowing to refer to Lumisteria Special Orders mod as a template. it's really great mod.