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Tired of running a hole day on collecting base materials? This mod may lighten your load.
I made some careful adjustments to farm machine & equipment recipes to reduce unnecessary duplication of effort on base material collecting, making the game more casual, while avoiding upsetting the balance.

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! This mod requires SMAPI and Content Patcher

-- Details --

Significantly cut down on wood & coal consumption

Now it only costs 25 wood to craft a chest, instead of 50, which means cutting down 1 tree ≈ crafting 1 chest. Similar goes for stone chests, wood/stone signs and machines which require wood or stone. And the consumption of coal has been cut in half on farm machines which require coal, like preserves jars, etc.

Simplify the mix of materials

Machines that require two kinds of metal bars now require only the more advanced one of the two.
e.g. Kegs only require iron bar now, and no longer need a copper bar. Machines which appear in wood now only cost wood and no longer need stones.

Details of recipe changes are shown in the chart.