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My personal edits for various Stardew residents. (current: Evelyn, Jodi, Sandy, Vincent, Willy, Wizard)

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Description and Credits:
I've been a huge fan of the various diversity patches for Stardew Valley since it came out in 2016. So, I put together some of the edits I've made! I might update it in future with additional characters, though I really recommend checking out these mods as well (they're what I use in my game!):

Original inspiration for the Diversity Mod:

Unofficial continuation (seasonal outfits, a huge group collaboration that is INCREDIBLE):

Dae's Edits: (these are out-of-date, currently, and probably will be for the foreseeable future, but I just love them a lot.) 

Installation instructions are included in the files, but:
  • Install SMAPI, and then Content Patcher.
  • Unzip the downloaded mod into your Stardew Valley > Mods folder.
  • Edit config.txt to your heart's content.

Make sure you check out the preview folder to set the options to what you like in the config.json file. (To disable a certain portrait entirely, set the config to 0)
Wizard-specific note: setting his option to '2' enables compatibility with Werewolf Master's Romanceable Rasmodius mod. It adds seven new expressions to the existing portrait.

In the event that these sprites and portraits become out of date, or you'd like to make a seasonal update / edited version of them: please feel free to. Just make sure you credit me and link back to this page. No need to ask for permission, but I would love to be linked to it:)