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About this mod

Adds a new custom NPC called Alvin. He is the magical cat of Ulysses, and only appears if you marry Ulysses.

Permissions and credits
This is an English translation of Ulysses Magic Cat Alvin - Custom NPC by alger0210.
  • Like the original mod, do not use this for any commercial purposes, not even donations (since it includes DustBeauty's tilesheet).
  • You may refer my translation to assist your translation to other languages without asking me, but at least credit and mention the source. This also includes copying the descriptions I've written. 
  • You'll also need to credit the original author of this NPC.
  • Do not upload it anywhere else other than Nexusmod.

Install Instructions

  • Copy and paste everything to the Stardew Valley/Mods folder
  • Copy (not Cut!) the Portraits.png from [CP]Alvin/assets to your folder in Portraiture and rename it to Alvin.png
  • Press 'P' (default key of Portraiture) to switch portrait folder. Read the instruction in Portraiture page for more information

!! Important !!

  • Alvin's event are told in a form of letters and diaries (the bookcase in his room).
  • Like Ulysses, you'll know more about his side of story as you increase his friendship.
  • Likewise, if you increase his friendship by a big fold at one go (giving gifts during birthday), you are most likely going to miss some of his stories.
  • He will not attend all festivals except Dance of the Moonlight Jellies.
  • The ladder to Alvin's room is located in the farmhouse (the house has to be upgraded twice).
  • The schedule of Ulysses and Elliott will change, including a small part of their dialogues in the schedule. See below for the schedule change.

Special Notice
  • He doesn't like you very much and will naturally be cold to you.
  • Before 8 hearts, he'll only say "He doesn't want to talk to you". This is intended.
  • After 8 hearts, his attitude will not change too much but he will start talking to you.
(Hera: Honestly, his dialogues after 8 hearts are kinda cute imo)

Known Bug/Problem
Exiting Alvin's room will teleport you to the front door of your farmhouse. We did try fixing the issue but to no avail. If anyone can fix it, we'll be extremely grateful and credit you over it.

Alvin's Friendship Stages
Which affects the diary content in his room, and also the letters you are receiving.




Also affecting Ulysses and Elliott

Triggering Heart Events



Tilesheet for spouse room and character's room - fully belongs to DustBeauty
Portrait - Picrew - made by iwose and znzo
Character sprite - drawn by 梧眠

Final Note

Written by the original author, alger0210. Also contains mild spoiler.