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Adds a translated new custom NPC, Ulysses, to the game. The background will be based on a dispute between the Wizard's Association and Church. As one of the countless victims, he is sent to assassinate the wizard in Stardew Valley. The story will involve you trying to save him.

Permissions and credits
Notice (26 March 2021)

As of today, both Ulysses and Alvin will now be unsupported as Alger and I have decided to revamp the two of them to be re-released along with our new project. You may still download the English version for now, though the original Chinese version was already taken down. The new project will take a long while to be completed, so I wouldn't provide a date for it. Still, do look forward to it if you like Ulysses and Alvin.


This is an English translation of a new custom NPC - Ulysses by alger0210.
  • Like the original mod, do not use this for any commercial purposes, not even donations (since it includes DustBeauty's tilesheet).
  • You may refer my translation to assist your translation to other languages without asking me, but at least credit and mention the source. This also includes copying the descriptions I've written. 
  • You'll also need to credit the original author of this NPC.
  • Do not upload it anywhere else other than Nexusmod.

There are a total 4 versions of this NPC: 2 for female role (SVO & SVE), and 2 for male role (SVO & SVE).
There will not be a gender-neutral version (his original dialogues just don't work that way), so I am sorry about that.
PS: You are free to use the Female Role version even if your farmer is a male (he'll be calling you a lady instead) or vice versa, if that's what you prefer.

While I tried my best, English is not my first language so I do welcome anyone to report any grammar error or bug if they found any. However, do take note that the NPC is naturally poetic so I prioritized in keeping the original meaning of his sentences rather than a full localization, considering his dialogue / figure of speech are tightly tied to his backstory and event. I will post a trivia section below for those who are interested in knowing more.

Update: Ulysses' cat is now translated and can be found here.

Install Instructions

  • Copy and paste everything to the Stardew Valley/Mods folder
  • Copy (not Cut!) the Portraits.png from [CP]Ulysses/assets to your folder in Portraiture and rename it to Ulysses.png
  • Press 'P' (default key of Portraiture) to switch portrait folder. Read the instruction in Portraiture page for more information.
Note #1: For best experience, please use Who's Wizard Portrait along with this mod as it was used as reference when adding expression to the wizard's dialogue.
Note #2: This translation mod is already using the optional sprite. If you prefer the original sprite, please download it from the original mod instead and replace it.

Story Background

It will be based on a dispute between the Wizard's Association and Church. As one of the countless victims, he is sent to assassinate the wizard in Stardew Valley. The story will involve you trying to save him

!! Important !!

  • He is very hard to "conquer". On a legit gameplay, you'll need around 2-3 years to make him an eligible bachelor (judging by the needs of event and dialogue response).
  • He will permanently disappear after divorce or 2500❤No.2 Event.
  • His fate is determined by most of your dialogue/event choice. Please pay extra attention in answering his questions or you may risk being locked out from his 10 hearts event (which also stops you from being able to marry him). The choice is irreversible unless you change your save file (or debug/mod edit).
  • He has a total of 22 events, if you include all branches. You'll need different save files (or debug/mod edit) to experience all of them. If you need help, there's a guide I wrote below.
  • His name will change after 2500❤event#Branch1 ( 2500❤Love for SVE), making him eligible for marriage
  • He will not attend all festivals except for Dance of the Moonlight Jellies
  • The door to Ulysses room is located in Gus' room, so you will need Gus to be at 2 hearts.
  • Some of his dialogues are referenced from various books, poems, quotes or even songs.
  • Real locations will be mentioned in his dialogues.





Triggering Heart Events


Dialogue and Event Guide / Cheat Sheet

!! HUGE SPOILER !! Read only if you need help in making the right choices to make him an eligible bachelor for marriage.


Minor spoiler ahead... which sort of explains the meaning of certain words of his dialogue.


MissCoriel's NPC Unique Courtship Response 3 - This NPC has unique response meant for this mod in case player has it installed. Hurray! [Only applicable to female versions though]


Tilesheet for spouse room and character's room - fully belongs to DustBeauty
Portrait (Current) - drawn by 王鲁77
Portrait (Original, but not included in Nexus) - drawn by Elonaplus
New character sprite - drawn by 由梧眠