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Adds the excitement of rare discoveries while delving the mines, with over 70 new objects for you to find. Giant mushrooms, crystal formations, statues, ore and mineral deposits, monster nests, stalagmites, strange altars, edible rocks and more. Break them apart with your pickaxe to discover what fantastic goodies each one will drop.

Permissions and credits

Custom Ore Nodes
This is so that small discoveries can replace the default stones, delete [CON]TinyDiscoveries if you don't want this.

Custom Resource Clumps
This is so that large discoveries can replace the default boulders, delete [CRC]BigDiscoveries if you don't want this.

Custom Dungeon Floors
This one is not required, but without it most floors will will not have boulders and thus no chance of finding a large discovery. Open the config.json file and find "ResourceClumpChance", I suggest changing it from 0.005 to 0.025 to make boulders 5 times more frequent. If you don't want to edit the config file, you can find a replacement for it within this mod located here:


Can be added/removed from existing save games with no problems. Should be compatible with anything as long as it is not making changes to rocks and boulders in the mines, have not found any problems after using it with 130 other mods simultaneously. Other content packs for Custom Ore Nodes/Custom Resource Clumps can be used at the same time, though they may significantly reduce the chances of finding discoveries.


You can easily change how often you'll come across a discovery, there are 7 presets to choose from: VeryRare, Rare, Uncommon, Default, Abundant, Overpowered, and Ridiculous. Go to
Choose your preferred setting, and copy the two folders within to the main DiscoveriesInTheDepths folder, overwriting files.

With the default settings, you should find something new every few levels in the mines. Rarer and more valuable discoveries are more likely to be found deeper in the mines and in the Skull Cavern.


If you are on a Windows computer you can edit everything about this mod (for personal use) using Excel.
Open OreDetails.xlsx located in DiscoveriesInTheDepths\[CRC]BigDiscoveries\
Once you have finished, save the file and right-click on OreDetailsExport.ps1, choosing "Run with Powershell" to generate new JSON files. You can also edit OreDetailsExport.ps1 with a text editor if you would like to change the rarity settings.
If you do not have Windows/Excel, you can still customise the mod by editing custom_ore_nodes.json and custom_resource_clumps.json with a text editor.

Big thanks to aedenthorn for writing the frameworks to make this mod possible.