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About this mod

Allows Greenhouse upgrades for more growing space and auto-watering at last upgrade!

Permissions and credits
This mod allows you to Upgrade your greenhouse!

Translated into Portuguese and Spanish
I made the Spanish translation and maybe is not the best but it's there!

  1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
  2. Install Content PatcherI.
  3. Download this mod and unzip it into Stardew Valley/Mods.
  4. Run the game using SMAPI.

The Mod folder will have 2 others folders (SMAPI Code Mod and CP Mod), both are needed for the mod to work.

How to use
Once you unlocked the Greenhouse (Community Center or Joja) you can upgrade it from Robin. Each Upgrade takes 2 days and increases the growing space you have!


Big Greenhouse:

  • 200000 Gold
  • 300 Stone
  • 20 Iron Bar
  • 50 Clay

  • 15x15 growing space (105 new tiles)

Deluxe Greenhouse:

  • 500000 Gold
  • 500 Stone
  • 25 Iridium Sprinkler
  • 30 Battery Pack

  • 21x21 growing space (321 new tiles vanilla greenhouse | 216 Big Greenhouse)
  • Auto-watering system
  • The painel outside the greenhouse turns green when crops inside are ready for harvest (on the soil or on Garden Pots)

*Edit the mod config to change the materials needed.

Config file:
You can find the config file on GreenhouseUpgrades/GreenhouseUpgrades/config.json. There you will find the fallowing configurations:
  • MoveFruitTrees: Enable (true) / Disable (false) the fruit tree move after an upgrade.
  • UpgradePrice1: 1st upgrade cost.
  • UpgradePrice2: 2nd upgrade cost.
  • UpgradeMaterials1: The intems (ids) and quantities needed for the 1st upgrade. ( As of { "ID1" : QNT1, "ID2" : QNT2, ...})
  • UpgradeMaterials2: The intems (ids) and quantities needed for the 2nd upgrade. ( As of { "ID1" : QNT1, "ID2" : QNT2, ...})

  • You can change the upgrade maps used by replacing Greenhouse_1.tmx and/or Greenhouse_2.tmx, changing the map used on that upgrade! It's better to disable MoveFruitTrees if you change any map because the source and target areas where the fruit trees should be can change from map to map.
  • You can change the Greenhouse_1.png file to change the looks of the 1st upgrade.
  • You can add a Greenhouse_2.png to add a unique look to the 2nd upgrade.
  • You can add seasonal appearences to the greenhouse at upgrade 1 and 2 by adding a [SEASON]_Greenhouse_[UPGRADE].png (Ex. winter_Greenhouse_2.png).

*At level 2, the building aparence will be the same as level 1, but with the painel, if no level 2 file is found.
*If a seasonal file is missing, the default (not sasonal) file will be used, if it exists.

V1.1.0 Notes:
  • Fruit trees on the bottom and rigth side in the greenhouse are now moved after the upgrade! They stay in the same relative place, out of the crop area.
  • You can now add seasonal appearece to the greenhouse exterior. See Customizing above.
  • Added a console command to move fruit trees if you already upgraded your greenhouse and want to move yours! Type move_trees 1 to move fruit trees from vanilla positions to Upgrade 1 positions. Type move_trees 2 to move them from upgrade 1 to 2 positions.
  • Added Turkish translation (by KeDili).

  • Works with Stardew Valley 1.5
  • Works in single player
  • Works in multiplayer¹

Know Issues:
Robin stays in the middle of the greenhouse while upgrading. That's a issue for me at least.
¹On multiplayer, only the host sees the upgrade, others need to relog. (Investigating)

See also
My other mod:

Source Code soon

Additional Notes:
This is my first mod ever =D

Turkish translation by KeDili.

I made all the assets and I'm no artist, the greenhouse will not change much outside on each upgrade.

This mod is only posted where and will stay this way for now. Do not repost it, please.