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About this mod

Makes five in-game achievements easier to acquire: Gourmet Chef, Craft Master, Master Angler, Full Shipment, and Protector of the Valley. Configurable to exclude Ginger Island content, modded content, or both.

Permissions and credits
This mod makes five of the in-game achievements related to completing collections easier to acquire! You can choose to exclude modded items (e.g. recipes to cook or craft, or crops to ship) from achievement requirements, and you can choose to also exclude Ginger Island items from the 1.5 content update.

Note: This mod does not affect the Perfection Tracker added in 1.5. I may add that functionality in a future update.

The affected achievements are:
  • Gourmet Chef - cook every recipe!
  • Craft Master - craft every item!
  • Master Angler - catch every fish!
  • Full Shipment - ship every basic item!
  • Protector of the Valley - complete all the monster quests for the Adventurer's Guild!

Installation and Uninstallation

  • First, install SMAPI or make sure your SMAPI installation is up to date.
  • Download this mod and place it in your Mods folder.
  • Run the game once to generate the config.json file.
  • Edit the config.json file in a text editor to choose the options.
- ExcludeGingerIsland: [true/false] -- Makes all achievements attainable without Ginger Island related recipes, items, and fish.
- ExcludeModCooking: [true/false] -- Makes the Gourmet Chef achievement attainable without completing all cooking recipes added by mods.
- ExcludeModCrafting: [true/false] -- Makes the Craft Master achievement attainable without completing all crafting recipes added by mods.
- ExcludeModFishing: [true/false] -- Makes the Master Angler achievement (and associated stardrop) attainable without catching all fish added by mods.
- ExcludeModShipping: [true/false] -- Makes the Full Shipment achievement attainable without shipping all basic items (crops, etc) added by mods.
  • To uninstall the mod, simply remove it from your Mods folder. Achievements gained while using this mod will not be removed from your save.

Mod Description and Features

The inspiration for this mod came after the 1.5 update to Stardew Valley. Because 1.5 added an extensive end-game area (Ginger Island), the five "completion" achievements became much harder to acquire than they were in previous game versions. In addition, any mods that add new items, recipes, fish, or crops can also make those achievements frustrating to acquire. This mod removes the hassle and makes acquiring these achievements much simpler!
The mod will check when you load the save, and then every in-game night, whether you have met the requirements for an achievement and award it accordingly.
To read a detailed explanation of how each achievement is checked, read the spoiler tags below. 

Gourmet Chef

Craft Master

Master Angler

Full Shipment

Protector of the Valley

Credits and Thanks
  • To ConcernedApe for Stardew Valley and the achievement code that I referenced for this mod.
  • To Pathoschild for SMAPI and the wonderful documentation on the wiki.
  • To tenthousandcats from the Diverse Stardew Valley community for making me aware of problems with the Ginger Island content and inspiring this mod.
  • To the Stardew Valley Discord #making-mods community for all their help and patience while I stumbled my way through learning C#.