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Adds saddlebags to the horse sprite, in green or brown. For Content Patcher. (Now included in the Horse Overhaul mod by Goldenrevolver which I highly recommend!)

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This Content Patcher mod adds simple saddlebags to the horse sprite in green (default) or brown. 
It's a cosmetic (visual) change only, and doesn't change any functionality.

It's compatible with the Horse Overhaul mod by Goldenrevolver (I love this mod!!!), you can have functional saddlebags by using that!
Update: These saddlebags are now included in the Horse Overhaul mod so you don't need to download my mod if you use the Overhaul! :D

Also compatible with (tested by me): Better Horses Extravaganza

The default saddlebag colour is green. To use brown, open the "content.json" file in the folder of this mod, and change "saddlebags_green.png" to "saddlebags_brown.png". (If you do this, use a plain text editor like Notepad or code editors, that don't change unnecessary things in the file.)

This is technically an overlay to the regular horse sprite and doesn't change the horse sprite itself, so it may be compatible with some horse sprite mods (specifically xnb mods should work, for CP mods it's case-by-case). Feel free to manually add these saddlebag sprites to your other horse sprite mods if you want to, just credit me in your mod description.

You can make whatever colour bag you want by opening the image from the Assets folder in your image editor and changing the colours (make sure to keep the background of the image transparent). If you want to keep the green and brown options, save your new file with a new name (for example "saddlebags_pink.png") in the Assets folder, and change the filename in "content.json" to reflect which image you want the game to use. You can also just overwrite the default image without changing the name.

To install the mod, unzip the downloaded file and move the "[CP] Horse Saddlebags" folder to your Mods folder. To uninstall this mod, remove the same folder.