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Makes cookout kits easier to craft and lets you do it sooner.

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You can craft campfires immediately, but for some reason doing the same thing but adding a pot over it requires 9 foraging skill. It also requires coal while the regular campfire doesn't.

So I made it so you only need foraging 1, and they're crafted with the same materials as campfires, except less of them, since they're not permanent like regular campfires.

Seeing that the Cookout Kit got added seemed like a good alternate and vanilla way to access cooking before you get your house upgrade, until I discovered it was locked behind 9 foraging skill. So I figured out how to change it, and then changed it.

Particularly useful if you're using any sort of hunger mods, or if you're using the love of cooking.

If you are using love of cooking, you probably shouldn't put cookout kits down until you have the cookbook, otherwise you're just wasting it.

Requires SMAPI and Content Patcher.