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Better Town Map is a mod that tweaks a few things in the Pelican Town map.

Permissions and credits
This  mod changes 3 things in town :
- It adds a staircase north of the river so that there is no dead end.
- It changes the small area above JojaMart so that it's less useless but still pretty useless.
- It fixes the very annoying staircase leading to the pathway going to Robin's place so that the tiles aren't seemingly cut straight because of bad tiling.

It is recommended that you use this mod on a new save but if you choose otherwise, you should download Destroyable Bushes as there might be some Bushes in the way.

The code of this mod has been copied from ActionJackson's mod Optimized Mining Map. I don't know if he wrote the code or if it came from some sort of template.

I will probably not update this mod except if there is a big issue with it.

Have fun!