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A preplanned farm layout for the Riverland farm

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A few things first of all this mod changes the greenhouse, the shed map, the desert map (to avoid getting stuck in cactus on landing). If you don't want these changes you can do two things 1) Change the content.json: simply remove the lines associated with the area you don't want or 2) take the .tbin file from the area you do want and drop it in the file replacing what I have in there. Example: you use my seasonal greenhouse mod and want to keep it. Simply take the greenhouse.tbin and any missing png files and drop them into this mod's asset folder.

-Do not cut down the two trees in the obelisk area that are inside the flower diamond design. I managed to do that on one save and replant a different tree type but every other save i have not been able to replant.

-If you want to use pathing to the end of the roads (bus stop and forest) you will have to use a no clip mode mod

-The game will start with the greenhouse in the traditional spot. To move it you must unlock it (via the junimo bundles or jaja membership) and then go see robin. Construct farm building hit the move building and choose the greenhouse. 

I have not tested this version of the farm (with starter debris), but i have tested the farm without it through year 2 fall. There might still be a thing or two that needs tweeking but so far its all been good.