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This mod changes the behavior of the Axe and Pickaxe to be more similar to the Hoe and Watering Can. Now, holding the tool button will allow you to charge up for a stronger hit that affects the tiles in an area around it. NEW: also lets you customize the area of effect of the Hoe and Watering Can.

Permissions and credits
 Power Tools  

This mod is inspired by the tools progression system of old Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town, where the Axe and Hammer tools were also chargeable, and their ultimate upgrades destroyed all debris on-screen.

This mod provides two features:
1. Allows the Axe and Pickaxe to be charged according to the tool's upgrade level.
2. Allows customizing the area of effect of the Hoe and Pickaxe.

The mod is fully modular.

For Axe and Pickaxe, the shape of the shockwave is similar to a bomb explosion, but the radius can be configured for each upgrade level.
Supports up to seven upgrade levels, including the Reaching Enchantment and the two extra levels from [Moon Misadventures]( All radius values should be positive whole numbers (obviously). By default, the radius at each levels is equal to the tool's upgrade level. Like the Tractor Mod, what the shockwave actually does can also be configured. By default it is set to only clear debris (like stones and twigs), weeds, dead crops and resource clumps (like stumps, logs and boulders), as well as mining nodes. You can optionally choose to let them affect other objects or terrain features, such as trees, live crops, and flooring.

For Hoe and Watering Can, the area of effect may be customized by setting a length and radius for each upgrade level. Note that the radius adds to both side of the farmer, such that a radius of 1 yields an area 3 tiles wide.

All tool enchantments are compatible.

  • 'RequiredUpgradeLevelForCharging': This is the minimum upgrade level your tool must be at in order to enable charging. Accepted values are "Copper", "Steel", "Gold", "Iridium", "Radioactive" and "Mythicite" (the last two require Moon Misadventures).
  • 'RadiusAtEachLevel': Allows you to specify a the shockwave radius at each charging level. Note that your charging level is separate from your upgrade level. For instance, if 'RequiredUpgradeLevelForCharging' is set to Iridium, and 'RadiusAtEachLevel' set to [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ], then you will not be able to charge until the tool is Iridium level, but once it is, then your charging progression will be similar to the gif above (starting at 1, and increase by 1 until 4). If you wanted to skip charging up and instantly get the max radius, you could set all four values to the same number (and set 'ShowAffectedTiles' to false to avoid the overlay instantly appearing). Only accepts positive integers.
  • 'RequireModKey': Set to false if you want charging behavior to be the default when holding down the tool button. Set to true if you prefer the default tool spamming behavior.
  • 'ModKey': If 'RequireModKey' is true, you must hold this key in order to charge (default LeftShift). If you play with a gamepad controller you can set this to LeftTrigger or LeftShoulder. Check here for a list of available keybinds. You can set multiple comma-separated keys.
  • 'HideAffectedTiles': If enabled, will not display the green overlay showing the size of the shockwave (also affects the Hoe and Watering Can).
  • 'StaminaCostMultiplier': By default, charging multiplies your tool's base stamina cost by the charging level. Use this multiplier to adjust the cost of the shockwave only. Setting to zero will make the  make the shockwave free (you will still lose stamina equal to the base tool cost). Accepts any decimal number greater than zero.
  • 'TicksBetweenWaves': The number of game ticks before the shockwave grows by 1 tile. Higher numbers cause the shockwave to travel slower. Setting this to 0 replicates the original behavior from older versions.
  • Other settings are self explanatory. Use Generic Mod Config Menu if you need verbatim explanations.

This mod uses Harmony to patch the behavior of Axe and Pickaxe. Any mods that also directly patch Tool behavior might be incompatible.

Install like any other mod, by extracting the content of the downloaded zip file to your mods folder and starting the game via SMAPI.
To update, first delete the old version and then install the new one. You can optionally keep your configs.json in case you have personalized settings.
To uninstall simply delete the mod from your mods folder. This mod is safe to uninstall at any point.

The very first charge of the Axe or Pickaxe does not display the affected tiles overlay.
I've no idea why this happens. If anyone has a clue let me know.

  • Pathoschild for their TractorMod, from which this mod steals borrows much of its code.
  • ConcernedApe for StardewValley.