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True Love Valley is a romance dialogue expansion pack for Content Patcher. Find romance and affection with your true love in Stardew Valley!

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True Love Valley - A Romance Dialogue Expansion Pack
For Stardew Valley 1.5 or later. Requires SMAPI 3.7.0 or later & Content Patcher 1.19.0 or later.

True Love Valley - A Romance Dialogue Expansion Pack plans to add an average of 250+ new lines of dialogue for each of the 12 marriage candidates in Stardew Valley, focusing on your romantic relationship with the characters. As you gain hearts with the marriage candidates, the dialogue in this pack grows more romantic and intimate. It's meant to make you feel like your relationship with your favorite marriage candidate is thriving and personal. Even if you don't plan on romancing any character in particular, this pack will add so much new dialogue content that it really helps develop all of the marriage candidates.

This mod is in beta and is a work in progress!

Current Progress
This mod is a fairly substantial undertaking and will take some time to complete. It is a continuation of my mod True Love Abigail Dialogue Expansion, so it's starting with the same dialogue included with that mod. Please be patient as I write this mod and get to your favorite marriage candidates.

Here's where we're at:

  • Abigail: Complete!
  • Alex:
  • Elliott:
  • Emily:
  • Haley: Complete!
  • Harvey:
  • Leah: Complete!
  • Maru:
  • Penny: Complete!
  • Sam:
  • Sebastian: Complete!
  • Shane: Complete!

Even if your favorite character isn't finished yet, install it now and follow the updates. Track and endorse it, too! I will get to all marriage candidates in due time. Please stay tuned!

Language Translations
My ultimate goal with language translations is to include them in this mod and let the farmer choose the language, not to have separate mods for each language. However, I do not plan to approve any translations until I am completely done writing this mod, which is going to take more time. I'm very appreciative of the interest people have in helping me with translations, but please respect my wishes and do not ask for permission to translate right now and do not upload any unapproved translations. As of this writing, no translations have been approved by me.

How Do I Install It?

This mod requires both SMAPI and Content Patcher. Download and unzip this mod, and find the folder called '[CP] True Love Valley - A Romance Dialogue Expansion Pack.' Drop this entire folder into your Stardew Valley/Mods folder, wherever that may be.

Upon the first time running the game with this mod installed, a file called config.json file will be created in the mod folder. In this config file, you can choose which available characters you want the dialogue enabled for by using "true" (on) or "false" (off). If you make a change, make sure to save the file. All available characters are set to "true" by default. Whenever you update this mod, the config file will regenerate and need to be configured again if you want to turn off any dialogue.

About The Content And Language
The content in this mod is not hyper-sexualized, nor is it graphic or lewd or does it use any dirty language. It does imply some more adult themes, with some ideas being PG13+. This is a romance dialogue expansion, but it lends itself to a more tender, sweet, flirty romantic relationship.

Does This Expansion Pack Work With Other Dialogue Expansions?
It should! Content Patcher loads mods in alphabetical order, so if this one comes after another dialogue pack alphabetically, it will take precedence. As it's still in beta, this mod only touches the dialogue of the characters labelled Complete! in the above list. If you use other dialogue mods for characters that I have not yet added to this mod, those should work fine.

What Can I Expect?
Most vanilla dialogue has been changed, though the original intent and character attributes are still there. The dialogue at all heart levels is vastly expanded. As you gain hearts with the characters, your relationship builds and becomes more intimate and personal. By the time you reach 8 hearts, they're implying that they want to take the next step with you. By 10 hearts, when you are dating, you have grown quite intimate. When you finally get married, you have a very loving, affectionate, and full relationship with one another.

The best way to play this mod is by starting a new save and courting your favorite marriage candidate from the beginning, taking it slow so you get to talk to them more and experience more of the dialogue. If you rush through heart levels in an effort to marry quickly, you will miss a lot of the slow burn friendship and romance.

Even if you don't plan on romancing any character in particular, this pack will add so much new dialogue content that it really helps develop
all of the marriage candidates.

Does This Mod Assume Farmer Gender?
It does not. All dialogue in this mod is gender neutral when speaking about the farmer.

Is It Canon-Friendly?
Yep! I've done my best not to change character personalities in any way or change any of their attributes. I'm not precious about vanilla dialogue, but most of the original characterizations remain. I promise to do the characters justice in the most canon-friendly way I can.

What's Your Writing Style Like?
I try to stay as close to ConcernedApe's style as I can, and really focus on maintaining and building the characters as they are originally portrayed. I am a romance novelist and I have an MFA in fiction writing.

How Do I Update It?
Go to your Stardew Valley/Mods folder and completely delete the entire '[CP] True Love Valley - A Romance Dialogue Expansion Pack' folder. Download, unzip, and copy the latest version of the mod into your Mods folder, start up the game, make sure your config.json is set how you like it, and you should be all set.

I Found An Error Or Inconsistency
First, check to make sure you're on the latest version of this mod, as well as on the latest version of SMAPI and Content Patcher. If you are indeed on the latest version and definitely have found an error, bug, spelling mistake, or canon inconsistency, please let me know in the forum. I hope to continue to improve this mod and I need your help!