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Turns your preserves jar into glass.

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Alternative Textures version here!

This is a glass recolor of the preserves jar. It turns the wood into glass. Purely aesthetic (crafting requirements remain the same).

Now seasonal in two different colorways!

Spring: Flowers
Summer: Gingham
Fall: Leaf
Winter: Snowflakes

notes: I shortened the bow in this update because 'asymmetrical' gets old after having rows and rows of preserves jars. I'm still keeping the old file up, however, for those that like the original look.


Requires: SMAPI and Content Patcher.
Choose between red or green when downloading.
Put it in your mods folder and start the game to generate a config file.
There you have two options:

Pattern, which determines the look of the jar

Seasonal, toggles on and off seasonal

Pattern options include:
Mason: All the frills–bow and pattern
Patterned: Just the pattern, no bow
Plain: Just a bow, plain canvas top (seasonal doesn't really do much for these)
Gwen: Tribute to the mod that started it all, Gwen's Medieval Craftables. It has the original diamond pattern and is intended to match with their mod.
Note: Gwen options are identical regardless of the color scheme you pick.


Preserve Jar Shape, Diamond Pattern, & Winter Overlay:

Gwen's Medieval Craftables by Gweniaczek
Thank you, thank you, thank you Gwen so much for letting me use your gorgeous assets.

Everything else is mine.


Feel free to edit for personal use willy-nilly. I don't care.

If publishing a recolor or as part of another mod:
Before anything, ask Gwen. They have every right to know what's going on with their artwork.
Then, send me a message. I will probably say yes. My only conditions are: credit and link me to your new mod! I'd love to see what you do with them.
Please don't try and profit off of these, that's not fair to anyone.

questions, comments, concerns?

If you have any issues, report them to the bugs section on this page.
Anything else, add them to the posts or send me a private message.
I will happily take any suggestions for this mod or requests for a new one.