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Very basic Content Patcher pack that allows the bachelor/ette pairings to continue hanging out, even when the player has a higher friendship level than six with either of them.

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Why should Elliott stop going to the saloon only because of his growing friendship with the farmer, right?

When installed, it changes the schedule strings that prevent some of the bachelor/ettes (Abigail & Sebastian, Elliott & Leah, Sam & Penny, Haley & Alex) from spending time together after you have six hearts with one.

Unfortunately, I do not know how this will affect multiplayer gameplay. Sorry about that.

Configuration Options:

"DisableWhenDating": You can configure the mod to only allow the continued meet-ups ONLY  if you aren't dating either of them ("DisableWhenDating": "true") OR to let them meet up either way ("DisableWhenDating": "false").

"WaitUntilMarriage": You can also set it up that they'll stop meeting like in the vanilla version, until you get married to someone, after which they will begin hanging out again ("WaitUntilMarriage": "true").

"ChangeDialogue": There are three canon dialogue lines that clash with this mod, so you can choose if you want them to be changed or not!

Marriage has been taking into account, no matter the configuration options. Abigail won't visit Sebastian's empty room should you marry him, for example.


This mod might be incompatible with mods that change the maps a lot. You'll have to see. It is compatible with SVE, though Penny won't sit on the edge of the bridge for some reason.

Also, if you have dialogue mods, they might overwrite the dialogue changes of this mod.

(This mod is the result of this reddit post by reddit user SignEffective, credit where credit is due!)